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Q: What is the Biz Dev Academy?

A: The Biz Dev Academy is a 12-week intensive bootcamp for local business owners who are ready to scale and streamline their business.

Through strategic relationships with other local business owners, high-impact social media and content marketing, and leveraging micro-influencers at scale, we'll work with you to affordably implement strategy to drive results for your business.

Q: Who will run the Biz Dev Academy?

A: The two handsome dudes in the photo below! Just kidding... (but seriously).

Max Weber and Josh Layhue, co-founders of Ghost Creativ, will run the Biz Dev Academy. The dynamic duo has experience ranging from building custom-coded websites to fully-optimized eCommerce stores, to running small scale and large scale social media and influencer campaigns, combined with backgrounds in social media, tech, sales, production, speaking and all things digital (including SEO, SEM, Facebook Ads, GeoTargeting, etc).

In addition, Max and Josh will invite guest speakers and presenters to attend the Biz Dev Academy as Academy Coaches, and will include experts in the digital media space.

Max Weber (left) and Josh Layhue (right)

Max Weber (left) and Josh Layhue (right)


Q: Who will attend the Biz Dev Academy?

A: Attendees for the Biz Dev Academy will include local business owners that are pre-qualified based on their unique opportunity to scale and streamline their business, and effectively partner with other local business owners.

All attendees must be growth-focused, entrepreneurial-minded, candid business leaders from the Erie area.

Q: What does the Biz Dev Academy cost?

A: The cost to attend the Biz Dev Academy for 12-weeks is a one-time payment of $1995.

Q: Why does it cost so much?

A: We get it... $1995 isn't a cheap dinner. Luckily, this is a fully-immersive 12-week intensive bootcamp that delivers more than just the sizzle and the steak.

This is an investment in your business - and in yourself - not another expense that'll have you tossing and turning in your sheets at night.

As business owners of a digital agency, we know how much hiring an agency could cost you on a monthly or per-project basis: $2,500 - $15,000+ for a new website, $1,500 - $7,500+ PER MONTH for social media management and content creation services, $100 - $200 per hour for "consulting" (whatever that means), and much, much more. It's not cheap, but if you find the right agency partner, your investment will always pay for itself.

So that's our goal here with the Biz Dev Academy: to have your investment pay for itself, and more in the first three months following the academy.

Plus, if we're being completely honest, the value-add of the Biz Dev Academy is about 3X the price of investment. So in our eyes, you're getting it a pretty good price. :)

Q: Are there payment plans available for the Biz Dev Academy?

A: Yes, absolutely. You can open a payment plan where the investment will be broken down into 3 monthly payments of $795.


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