web Design - $3,000+


We build and deliver stunning, mobile and tablet-friendly Squarespace websites in 30 days or less.

During this time, you'll work directly with one of our kick @$$ designers (Hey there, Jessica!) to ensure timelines are met and concerns are relieved.

What You Get

  • Thrilling creative pitch
  • 2 design concepts
  • 1 round of revisions on design concepts
  • We build all agreed-to pages
  • 1 round of revisions on pages
  • 10 design credits
  • A mobile and tablet-friendly site built on a responsive grid
  • We connect domains and go live!


  • You provide all content including text, banners and product photos
  • If no content is provided, we’ll lorem ipsum for you. Dolor sit amet?

supercharge your site!

supercharge design

Hover states, animations, advanced CSS, Javascript­ — basically anything where our Developer (Waddup, Josh?!) gets involved.


On-Site SEO Boost

All the tricks we have up our sleeves to help the people you care about most find your business online.



One of our resident wordsmiths will craft impeccable copy for your site. Each page will have a minimum of 300 words.



Open up shop with set-up, a 30-minute basic consult and implementation of up to 10 products on your store.